Malva Permakültür Çiftliği

Voluntary support is provided between April and October.

Voluntary Service

We frequently offer volunteering places in our permaculture project. We are happy for requests!

Would you like to take a break and do something meaningful at the same time?

Our permaculture team offers places for volunteers in areas such as vegetable garden, herb garden and herb processing, nursery and general maintenance and landscape gardening. While working here you will get insights into practical work in the gardens as well as into specific tasks according to the area.

  • At Malva Permaculture Farm, we are offering you the opportunity to be with us and to have a glimpse at experiencing community building.
  • We live and work together and we share the place with our guests.
  • While working in the various areas you might need openness for other people and a good ability to communicate. Please also bring your humour, and self-responsibility.
  • You are welcome to partcipate in the events of the community which are announced in the flow of the season.
  • As a volunteer you work for 6 hours per day, 5 days a week in exchange for free accommodation and food.
  • Intensive times, might necessiate longer working hours, which will be balanced out during your stay. 1 day per week is free.
  • The volunteering period is min. 10 days and max. 60 days. Please state if your condition necessiates a permit due to residence law.
  • Volunteers are appointed according to our need and their skills.

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