Malva Permakültür Çiftliği

Malva Permakültür Çiftliği

Temperate Climate.

Transition zone; at intersection of Euro-Siberian(euxin) and (west) Mediterranean climate/ flora zones.

Proud Member of Botanical Gardens Conservation International (BGCI).
Botanic Garden/Organic Farm with proximity to Big City; Istanbul.
History of over 150 years. A growing and evolving ecological restoration project since acquisition by the family of the current owner’s family in 1983.

Organic farming being practiced since year 2000, by the take-over of the second generation. The certified organic land has been increased to120 acers by 2016.

Embodies an ecosytem with rich fauna and flora. Houses over a great variety of over 7,000 trees. Oasis for local and natural edible plants as well as cultivated medicinal and aromatic herbs. 

-Protecting the soil
– Reveal our connection with Nature
– Seed Conservation
-Adapting relisient agricultural systems to climate change
-Conservation of biodiversity
-Creating an ecosystem for all life
-Public education and awareness
-Environmental Education
-Knowledge Exchange

On-going Projects:
-Organic Farming with Permaculture Principles
-Wild Garden
-Aromatic and Medicinal Herbs Garden
-City Gardens Project Support
-Education and Outreach

Melike Müezzinoğlu 

In 1996, graduated from Institute Le Rosey, Switzerland.

In 2000, completed B.A. in Business Administration at University of Portsmouth.

In following order, took Phytotherapy; Aromatherapy; Organic Agriculture Techniques; Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs Horticulture courses. After attaining Permaculture Design Certificate in 2016, founded ‘Malva Permaculture Farm’ and continues to work in certified organic agriculture, ecological restoration and nature culture education.

Taking courses at social environmental sciences, Bogazici University. Defines herself as a soil protector and an awakening agent to establish the lost connection with the Nature. Permaculture methodology and Ecology techniques are what she uses to raise and nourish awareness whilst working with individuals, groups and students.

Current projects: Permaculture Farm; Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs Garden; Edible Food Forest; Agroforestry Project; Education and Outreach: Teaching local communities supported agriculture.