Students from Poland, Italy, Greece came to Silivri as part of a Erasmus Plus project. Foreign students were accompanied by students from the Permaculture Club of Galatasaray High School. Students were informed by Permaculture Designer Melike Muezzinoglu about “CO2 induced climate change and the consequences it has created”.

In the past days, Erasmus Plus project 10th grade students from Poland, Italy and Greece in collaboration with the Galatasaray High School Permaculture Club students, came to Silivri to Melike Muezzinoglu ‘s Permaculture Demonstration farm and received detailed information about “climate change and its consequences”.

Melike Muezzinoglu, who made a statement at the end of the program, said, “The aim of the project is climate change and its consequences. In this context, they are interested in a very wide concept. It includes: the degradation of the soil; displaced people, migrant issues; loss of biodiversity, ecosystems; sustainable farming methods and permaculture. We made a presentation at the Galatasaray High School campus as Malva Permaculture Farms first stage of support for the Erasmus Plus study group. With the educational support of Botanical Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), which we are an institutional member of, we presented on ‘climate change and plants’, followed by information on eco-systems, food chains, and climate-change adapted sustainable agriculture methods. Here, at Malva Permaculture Demonstration Farm, they have the opportunity to see these in-situ and experience one-on-one. Here we can taste products, touch them, see the products made by our friends from the medical plants grown at the farm. They can see that it is a sustainable system and that the nature-friendly methods of cultivation are in a chain with human-friendly consumption methods. We aim to continue our mission to outreach and educate young generation of bio-diversity”.

Silivri County Food and Agriculture Director Kemal Benli, Bread Producer Federation Thrace region head Ferhat Yilmaz and assistant Zafer Erik were also present in the visit.